Dynamics 365 Custom Ribbon Buttons on Dashboard Page Not Showing in UCI

It is observed that custom ribbon buttons don’t show up in unified interface, to solve this issue follow below steps.

Install chrome extension to execute REST calls:

Open Chrome Webstore
• Look for extension Yet Another Rest Client and add it to your chrome browser.
• Open and login to your Dynamics 365 instance in one of tab
• Open ‘YARC’ extension

• Get organization ID
• Request Type : GET
• Request URL :
https://<CRM ORG>/api/data/v9.1/organizations?$select=organizationid
• Send Request

• From response body note down ‘organization id’

• Update ‘clientfeatureset’
• Request Type : PATCH
• Request URL : https://<CRM ORG>/api/data/v9.1/organizations(<ORGANIZATION ID>)
• Payload:

{'clientfeatureset':'<clientfeatures><clientfeature xmlns:xsd=\"http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema\" xmlns:xsi=\"http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-Instance\"><name>FCB.DashboardCustomizableRibbon</name><value>true</value></clientfeature></clientfeatures>'}

That’s it , your custom buttons will be available now in UCI.

Dynamics 365 UCI Sign-in as different user

With Dynamics CRM UCI Apps , it is now possible to “sign in” as different user. This will be a major benefit to consultants as they troubleshoot issues on behalf of their users.

Why only UCI apps?

The reason this is possible is because most of the data operations in Unified Interface apps are done through the API, and the API supports user impersonation!

How do you do it?

Dynamically add header “CallerObjectId” to all HTTP requests calling dynamics APIs.

  • Get Chrome Extension :
    1. You can user chrome extension your choice but personally i prefer Smart Header as it provide more flexibility in filtering requests.
    2. Enable Extension for incognito mode
      1. Go to chrome://extensions/ find “Smart Header” –> click details –> Check “Allow in incognito” .
  • Configure Smart Header :
    • Click on Smart Header icon and then click configure
    • Create new header and set conditions click save
Request for metadata fails when we add custom header , hence ignoring those calls

  • Access on behalf of user :
    • Get Object Id of user
      • Navigate to user form –> Switch form to “Application User” –> Copy “Azure AD Object Id”.
      • Open a fresh incognito window and set callerobjectid in “Smart Header”.
      • Finally Open CRM UCI app and check user and records for troubleshooting.